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Emerald Lake Lodge Part II

After our delicious breakfast in the lodge and a quick peak around indoors, the Emerald Lake was calling for us.

Rustic lodge
Inside Emerald Lake Lodge – January 2017
Rustic lodge
The Lodge – January 2017
Rustic lodge
The fireplace at the Lodge – January 2017
Bison head
Upstairs inside the lodge – January 2017
The bar upstairs – January 2017
Billiards table
The billiards table upstairs – January 2017

We donned our best winter gear, and made for the snow! Check out these Sorel’s, my favourite warm and stylish winter boots. We followed along a well-used snowshoe trail to Peaceful Pond, and then continued onwards to the main lake. The trail had the deepest snow I had ever witnessed, and oh, it was such fun. This is the kind of place that people think of when they think of Canada, and I certainly felt more at home than ever.

Yoho National Park
The ski rental building and shop on the edge of Emerald Lake – January 2017
Yoho National Park
Winter at the lake – January 2017
Yoho National Park
A walking path in the forest – January 2017
Winter wonderland
Following the snowshoe trail – Emerald Lake January 2017

We reached the edge of the tree line, a quiet corner of Emerald Lake. I had never walked out on a frozen body of water before, but we could see many cross-country skiing trails and figured it wouldn’t hurt to venture off shore. I had never experienced such a sense of peace as I did in that moment on the lake. If the snow was falling, you could have heard it. My ears wrung from the blood pumping through my veins amidst the silence. I felt truly at home in the world. If you need to find rest, this is the place for you.

Emerald Lake
Standing on Emerald Lake – January 2017
Emerald Lake
Staring across the lake – January 2017
Snowy mountains
Surrounded by mountains – January 2017

Returning to the lodge to warm up, our eyes immediately fell on the Rocky Mountain Charcuterie Platter. Ordering one right away with some drinks, we settled in. The different types of Canadian meat delighted our tastebuds and filled us up.

Emerald Lake Lodge
Emerald Lake Lodge – January 2017
Kicking horse lounge
The kicking horse lounge at the lodge – January 2017
Kicking horse lounge
The kicking horse lounge at the lodge – January 2017
Emerald Lake Punch – January 2017
Charcuterie – January 2017
It’s delicious! – January 2017

Later that evening, all we needed was a quick soup and salad (and maybe snuck a bag of Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips).

hot chocolate
The chocolate forest – January 2017
Caesar salad – January 2017
Soup at the lodge – January 2017
mountain lake in winter
The view from the lodge – January 2017

The fireplace in our room was just begging to be lit that evening, so once the sun set, we cozied up and settled in, enjoying a good old-fashioned evening of both reading and telling stories around the fire. No wi-fi here, folks!

Firewood ready in our room – January 2017
The fire in our room – January 2017

We had been a little disappointed that the outdoor hot tub had been closed during our stay, but we had so much to do (and not do) that we didn’t miss it. It was snowing on the second morning, and although we were excited  head out on our next adventure, we couldn’t leave without a couple more photos in front of the beautiful lake.

Snowy mountain
A wintery view – January 2017
Mountain snow
Derek saying goodbye to all the snow – January 2017
Winter wear snow
Bundled up for another winter adventure – January 2017

If anyone is looking for a beautiful place to stay in the Rockies, I would highly recommend this place over the much more touristic Lake Louise. I loved Emerald Lake Lodge, and I’m sure you will too!

Canadian winter
Derek and I at Emerald Lake – January 2017
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