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Why I’m Not Traveling Canada for the 150th

I was so excited when I first heard about all the great things Canada is doing to celebrate its 150th birthday. The tourism board nailed selling Canada as the place to be in 2017. We’ve been featured on all the best travel resources; we took the number one spot on Lonely Planets Best in Travel 2017 list. With all parks free and celebrations galore, everyone wants to come here.

Canada 150
Happy Birthday Canada!

Here’s a few reasons why I’m not traveling Canada this year (and why you might reconsider). First of all, park passes aren’t really that expensive. If that’s what is enticing you to come to the Great White North, don’t bother. Everyone is so hyped up about being able to get free entry this year but it’s not worth the money you save. Hotel prices across Canada in the prime sightseeing locations like the national parks have more than doubled. That is if you’re even lucky to find a place to spend the night. Yes, our dollar is low, but the mark up on anything touristic this year is outrageous.

trees at Stanley Park
Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada.
Snow in Canada
Come for the snow!

Second, I think one of the most brilliant features of my home and native land is the emptiness. I cannot even begin to describe the sensation of standing in the mountains, completely alone, surrounded by nature. It’s so thrilling to stand in awe of the world that surrounds you.

Emerald Lake
The quietest place on earth.
Drumheller, Alberta.

This is certainly something that can’t be experienced while surrounded by hoards of other tourists snapping selfies.

mountain road
Tourists like me, getting the typical open road shot!
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Don’t let this post scare you away if you already have your tickets booked. If you want to see a bunch of Canucks get their pride on, then be my guest. Just don’t expect to pull up to a hotel the day of and find anything, let alone something in your budget. We may have lots of space here, but that doesn’t mean we have the infrastructure to accommodate our newly growing tourist market.

Alberta river
Alberta, Canada.

As for me, I can drive to the Rockies any other year. I’ll see sea to sea when it’ll cost me less loonies and toonies for a place to rest my tuque.

explore Alberta
Explore Alberta.
Tourism Canada:

Travel Alberta

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