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Visiting Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

During our 25 hour layover in Iceland, my companion and I managed a visit to the Blue Lagoon. I booked the Comfort ticket online ahead of time. It was an obvious choice for me, including a free drink, towel, and algae mask, costing just a bit more than the Standard ticket. If I had been going with my significant other, I might have splurged and gotten either the Premium or Luxury options; both include extra luxuries like sparkling wine and entrance to the lounge.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon traveler

There are many videos you can watch on the Blue Lagoon’s website to inform visitors on what to expect: from arriving in the parking lot, going through the change-room, and splashing into the pool. I read around the blogsphere that the mineral water can damage your hair, so I piled on the conditioner before I got in the water. My hair felt so fantastic afterward that I wanted to purchase their shampoo and conditioner for myself!

in Blue Lagoon

inside Blue Lagoon

spa Iceland

After getting in the soothing hot pool, I enjoyed a glass of prosecco. There are many spots throughout the Lagoon to find a relatively quiet place to relax. Currently, the Blue Lagoon is working on a large expansion meaning that there will be even more space in the future!

Prosecco spa

Blue Lagoon

mineral water

After my included beverage, I used both of the two mud masks: the silica (everyone gets this one!), and the algae included in the Comfort package. My skin never felt better. Both the drinks and the masks are available in booths inside the Lagoon, so the best part is you never have to leave the water!

Face mask spa

Face mask Blue Lagoon

clear skin

I didn’t want to bring my camera in the pool, but I was brave enough to bring my phone; I’m glad I was able to capture the experience. While I didn’t buy the skincare at the Blue Lagoon, I picked up a pack duty-free at Keflavik airport. This saved me quite a bit of money. A full review on the products will be on the blog soon.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Girl in Blue Lagoon

Even though visiting the pools was expensive (much like everything in Iceland), I felt the experience was worthwhile. Have you ever been to the Blue Lagoon? What did you think?

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon girl

Visit the Blue Lagoon:


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